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Thank you for supporting an American Veteran-owned small business!  Greg typically works on a commission basis.  To Commission a custom net:  Please either call us at (714) 305-1026, or email us at: and let us know what you are interested in having us create with you.  Please peruse our Gallery Of Products to see the type of net you are looking for.   We are by no means limited to what is shown there, but it does give a good idea of what is possible.  Typically, a consultation-type phone call should happen first to narrow down all of the features the client wants.  Those features are then documented and a price will be calculated at that time or shortly thereafter.

Custom Fly Fishing Net Prices, as you may imagine, vary widely from net to net depending on what the client orders.  You can get a general idea by viewing our FAQ page.

 To order a net you've seen on our Galleries Of Nets for Sale, please contact us to reserve it, by name, via email, and we will reply with an invoice which will include a nominal fee for shipping.  After payment is received, the net will be sent via USPS Priority Mail or can be picked up at our studio.  Sierra accepts personal/business checks, Credit cards & e-checks using our Quickbooks Invoicing, money orders, cashier's checks, or PayPal.


All Sierra Nets are PROUDLY made in the USA!
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