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I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions here.  If you don't find your answer, or would like to order a net, please feel free to Contact Us.  I am an avid Fly Fisherman and greatly enjoy the company of other fly fishermen!

Q.  How much do your Custom Fly Fishing Nets cost?

A.  Each Custom net is highly customizable.  On average, a good range to budget for would be between $1100-$1400.00 out the door.  Larger size, more accessories, and customizations such as inlays = More labor and therefore more $.  

Q.  Why do your Custom Fly Fishing Nets cost so much?

A.  Each Custom net is built one at a time to the client's specs.  We make very careful considerations in all of the details which you will see in the finished net. Details like reinforced and hand-carved handles, a proprietary 9 step hand-rubbed finish that is unmatched by a sprayed or dipped finish, and careful wood selection to maximize longetivity, strength, and the wow factor in your fishy photos. They are built to last and truly are an heirloom work of functional art.  

Q.  Do you sell just the rubber replacement net bags?

A.  Yes we do.  I'll even throw in some helpful instructions with tips & tricks, and send you the string to tie it on with.  Measure your inside circumference using a string. I carry 3 sizes. The smallest 40" circumference bag comes in clear & black and runs $25.00 and $30.00 respectively with free shipping. The larger 48" circumference net is available in both clear & black lightweight rubber for $30.00 with free shipping. The next size up is a 60" circumference bag which comes only  in black and with two depths.  The 12" deep bag is $35.00 and the 24" deep bag is $40.00.  Quickest way to buy is to send $ via Paypal and include your shipping address in the memo.   I will ship via USPS FC Mail within 48 hours and usually within 24.

Q.  How much do your Magnetic Net Releases cost?

A.  The Latigo Leather Magnetic Net Releases are $85.00-$125 depending on the wood species and whether or not it has inlays.  Please note that I custom fit the Leather Magnetic Net Release to every net I build in order for it to fit and function properly.  If you buy one for your non-Sierra Net, you will have to punch a hole in the leather OR, you can wrap a string around the top of your hoop to measure the hoop's circumference.  I will then punch the hole accordingly before shipping to you.

Q. What is your lead time on a custom Fly Fishing Net?

A. My lead time on nets has been steadily growing since I have been in business.  Right now it is in and around 1 year.  I don't like to state exact lead times because of the nature of doing one-off custom pieces.  When your net comes round, I will give it my utmost attention and devotion to detail as if it were my own.

Q. Can I supply the wood for my handle?

A. You may supply any or all of the wood so long as it meets size minimums.  Many clients will shop online and dropship the wood to me.  Others like to use wood from their own forest, or personal wood inventory.  I am easy, and it all works.  That said, if the client does provide the wood, this may or may not reduce the cost of the net significantly (a $0-$50.00 deduction typically) as most of the cost is in our labor.  Sometimes, it actually takes more time to dry, mill, and accomodate a client-supplied wood blank.

Q. Can I make my own hoop design? 

A. Absolutely, for a nominal fee of $75.00.  I will assist in designing it in CAD and will create the form from your approved CAD drawing.  Otherwise, there is a wide variety of net shapes/designs to choose from here.  You can view some of our past videos on our YouTube Channel.

Q. Can I get photos or video of the build process?

A. Yes!  I take THOUSANDS of in-process photos a year. For a nominal fee of $125.00, I can put together a small video (3-5min), set to music, showing your net in many stages of the build.  It will culminate with many poses of the finished custom net at the end. To see a sample, please check out our YouTube Channel.

Q. Don't you have any nets for sale which I could buy today?

A. Not usually.  My backlog of commissions has been steady for years now.  Between that and the donation nets I build for charities like Project Healing Waters & Casting for Recovery, I simply don't have time to build many "spec" nets to sell. Don't stop looking at our Nets For Sale gallery though, I do throw one up every once in a while and they usually sell fast!


Q. Do you have reviews and/or testimonials I can see?

A. You may see some testimonials here on our website, or feel free to search for Sierra Nets on Yelp or Google to read our 5 STAR reviews



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