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Sierra Nets is the custom fly fishing net studio of U.S. Army veteran, Greg Madrigal.  I sell direct to flyfishermen and women and also build many customized gift nets from spouses, significant others, and organizations every year.  I work directly with you to design the ultimate net for how you or your giftee fishes.  I build the highest quality net possible and take the time to make each net a functional piece of art.  With a customized Sierra Net, your fly fishing pics will have never looked so good! Stabilized and laminated handles, and a 9-coat hand-rubbed oil/wax finish produce a truly heirloom quality net that will last generations!

I owe everything to my beautiful wife Julie, who encourages me every day to be a better man on so many different levels. As a passionate fisherman, artist, and craftsman nearly all my life, it was a natural fit for me to combine my passions to create Sierra Nets.

Like many of you, I started fishing when I was very young, and something about it never let me go. Now in my forties, I fish for any species, mostly on fly gear, anywhere I am able to. Whether it be bluegill to blue marlin - from trolling for rooster fish to fly fishing for 8” native rainbows - from Alaska to Costa Rica, fly fishing is my passion. I still get giddy like that 7-year old school boy catching perch from the dock on Deer-Flat Reservoir in Idaho.

There is something about fly fishing though, something that’s so organic and simple. I find the challenge of hooking a fish on the fly to be the most rewarding way to fish. You are inserting yourself into the natural food chain that they are honed in on, and it's just so exciting to fool them, especially on a fly you've tied yourself!  Who knew the life cycle of bugs could be so interesting!

I began woodworking in my 20’s by literally dumpster diving for wood at a nearby wooden door manufacturer.  I learned the value "one man's trash is another man's treasure" by dumpster diving for food behind supermarkets when my father was out of work in the early 80's.  At the time, food was hard to come by for our family of 8.  This dumpster wood, with my artistic/creative tendencies,  turned into beautiful furniture that I was very proud of.  So began my love affair with fine craftsmanship.  

Before Sierra Nets, I was a production manager in the custom woodworking industry for over a decade.  I also consulted with numerous companies training on CNC technologies and production efficiencies. A while back, I had a stress induced health scare that forced me to rethink what I was doing for a living. I quit my overly-stressful job and decided that woodworking and fishing were going to become my means to make a living… NO MATTER WHAT!  It was 2010 when I decided to launch Sierra Nets, building one-of-a-kind, hand crafted heirloom nets unlike any other nets. 

You can read what our clients have been saying about us on our Testimonials Page.


 "Art is a man's expression of joy in his labor."--William Morris (1834-1896)

All Sierra Nets are PROUDLY made in the USA!
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