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Sierra Net's modest studio workshop includes every machine and hand tool needed to make each net a work of art. We use a combination of old world hand tools and newer power tools to create each piece.  Most of the work is very manual however, and one cannot fully appreciate the care and highly detailed craftsmanship until it's in hand.   

Some of our hardwood lumber is milled from locally harvested urban hardwoods which lies around the studio, drying, in preparation to one day become a beautiful net.  After air drying for up to 3 years, we typically use a bandsaw to tediously work it into useable lumber.  You would be surprised at the amazing wood growing just outside your doorstep!  I invite all readers of this to take a tour of my woody studio.  I have dozens, and possibly hundreds, of types of wood I have collected through the years.  They fill every nook an cranny, and are waiting for just the right net commission to come along.

Our studio is our home (except when we are fishing!)  We're blessed in that we can create the pieces that fulfill our artistic cravings while earning a modest and honest living.  As my father Luis taught me, "Never make fun of a man who is making an honest living, no matter his job."

~ Greg Madrigal ~

All Sierra Nets are PROUDLY made in the USA!

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