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I work closely with each and every client to ensure they are thrilled with the results of their commission.  Here is a sampling of some of the notes received from extremely happy clients. 

"Greg, you were truly so easy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with our order, seriously. When we saw the box, we immediately took every net out to look at them – love that they are all unique!  We’re offering rods and reels with this donation package, but really, the nets are beautiful – and the best part of the package. Thank you so much." ~Elizabeth Trout Unlimited


 " Greg, the pleasure was all mine. Having an American hero make a net for another American hero, is just a thing of pure beauty. To help write the setup for this masterpiece, leaves one in awe; as the master craftsman brings a lowly piece of wood from plain to extraordinary.  I can not wait to send you pictures of it on the water and in action.  Thank you for everything. The net, your time (as a craftsman and a defender of our freedom), and lastly your passion that goes into each one of your works. I hope to meet you one day, either in your shop or on a still piece of water with lines stretched tight. That Sir, would be a much bigger honor.  So thank you once again.  Sincerely,  Colton" ~ Kansas



"Hey Greg the net is beautiful. I think it turned out really well. Everyone who has seen it has been blown away with the detail and quality. I could not be happier. Thank you for creating this legacy net for me. Blessings  Craig" ~ Pennsylvania See the Net Thermocline



"Greg, the net is unbelievable. My wife said, "That might be the coolest thing we own." It is everything that I hoped for. I love the inlays and the proportions of the hoop to the handle. The angles are all great. The wood choices and colors are in perfect harmony. When I pulled it from the box, I felt like I was taking the sword from the stone! I couldn't be happier. It is really apparent that you put a lot of time and thought into it. Thank you so much for working with me on the design and putting it together. I will be sure to send you a picture of a MT bow in it. I might even send you pictures of if at our family reunions, weddings, funerals and all other events I will be taking it to. Thanks again Greg,  Ashton" ~ Montana"


      First let me say I am hard to buy for. My sweet wife has for years lamented the fact that I get items as I need them, and want them. You and your skills provided an ideal remedy for that issue. I am immensely pleased with the net, and the fact that you were so willing to work with Aimee on the design and appointments. This is by far one of the most personalized and treasured gift I could have hope for. While it is easily apparent that your skill with the woodworking and design is remarkable, your ability to interpret what my wife was trying convey is outstanding, and appreciated.  Best regards and tight lines Mike" ~ Arizona  See the net Apache Trout.


 "Got [Tim]Romano's net today, thank you very much.  All I can say is it's a darn good thing we put those initials on there... otherwise I'd have two nets and we'd be starting all over again.  Stunning work, my friend."
~ Kirk Deeter - Fly Talk Blog on Field & Stream.com, ~ Colorado

"I bet you received my first (blank) reply and thought it was a mistake. It wasn't. I am speechless!! That is one spectacular net. I have never seen anything close to it. (Probably why I never bought one before). The handle and the grain in the light is awesome!. Hopefully the people at the fly fishing show are as blown away as I am.  I am going back to look at the pictures again. Speechless. Forward the bill [for 2nd net] and I will pay all upfront again.  Best Regards, Ralph" ~ Colorado  See the net Black & White


"Just received the net and WOW, it is perfect Dad will love it.  The craftsmanship is amazing, I can’t wait to wear out my current net so I can order a new one from you.  I guess this means more time on the water next year.  Thanks for a great product." Jason ~Colorado 



"Dear Greg, The 20-hour Hasselbring visit to Raleigh is over.  Ted departed this afternoon, with his much beloved new net in its case in his carry on bag, it fit perfectly and a good thing because there was no way he was going to have it out of his possession. Friday, (he) will take off on his 10-day fishing trip to Cuba. In all the years I have known him, I have seen Ted emotionally moved to tears twice and viewing the video yesterday was one of them as he held his net.  I think the reality of seeing the amount of detail and devotion that was in the process, coupled with the net, overwhelmed him.  He knew I was going to cry (again) as I watched it, but I was not expecting such a reaction from him.  He kept making comments about each little bit of the video and looking at me and I could not speak so I just kept nodding my head in agreement. You do not have a more grateful client than I, or a more appreciative recipient of a Sierra Net than he.  Nor will you ever have. 

Ted shares your level of appreciation of the beauty of wood and how only from the hands of a master woodworker cold such a thing as his net emerge. We spent some time viewing your Instagram, Pinterest, and every picture we could get of you and your fishing expeditions.  I hope you and he will have an opportunity to fish together soon because you would enjoy being in each other's company.  Of this, I am certain.  His itinerary of fishing trips is mind boggling and he will go just about anywhere to do the thing he loves most.

The past two days have been filled with rain and gusty winds but despite that, I stuck to my plan and took Ted to the lake so he could open his present facing the water (and directly into the cold and howling wind!).  It was worth every minute of harsh weather to see him discover what the box held. As we set on my deck last night in one of the few moments of respite in the rain, he turned to me and said, "If I had designed this net myself, I could not have done a better job.  It is exactly what I would want in every single way.  He especially commented on how ideal the handle was, and I told him that was completely your choice because I knew nothing about how to advise, although you asked.  I did relay your comment about how it was the handle preferred by "older anglers." It replied, "He is absolutely right - it is precisely what I would have asked for." 

I am feeling very depleted at this moment because I will not be able to touch that net again.  I was not expecting such a traumatic departure from an object but I know it is with someone who will cherish the net and case forever.  He repeatedly said it was the most beautiful gift he has ever received and it was too beautiful to use.  I told him that it was designed and made to be used - as often and in as many places as possible, which he will do.  It will be part of his gear to a trip to the Smokies he will be taking when he returns from Cuba and will be with him on his two-month adventure to Montana this summer. He is also ready to show it off to all his fishing buddies who will be so envious of his priceless piece of art.  Several of these are long time buddies from Scouting.  I understand his reaction, though, to something of such elegance. The real joy comes in allowing something to become part of our lives, not in simply owning it.  One of the reasons I have never understand why people want to collect art but keep it in a vault.

Below is part of the text I received from Ted tonight from his hotel in Georgia.  Appears as if RNV(The name of this net was Reel Net Value) is sleeping around again.

"I  just got back from dinner. I’m going to bed because I am exhausted. Before I do, I want you to know how much I love my present. I was just looking at the net and case again and again and they are exquisite!!! The best thing I have ever received....Thank you for the most wonderful and meaningful retirement celebration anyone has ever dreamed up."

Thank you for bestowing on me the most meaningful title I will ever have:

The Unrivaled C.Crossland" ~ North Carolina See Reel Net Value


"Hi Greg, my net is awesome!!!  I love it, the combination of exquisite woods and amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail is breathtaking... I can’t wait to net my first fish with it, and take some photos.  I also plan to take it with me to New Zealand." Graham ~ California



"Greg, the video is great...but not as great as that net!
I can't wait to get it out on the water and put that first fish in it, I already feel the net has good Karma!
Every time I pick it up I notice another tiny little detail, and I just can't believe that it is mine, and for the time being, one of a kind!  Thanks again for all your time and effort, not only in the net but all the collaboration leading up to it.  And the shirt too! I wish you only the best in the continued success of  Sierra Nets!Bob ~ California 


From a post on FlyFishingAddicts.com, "As mentioned in this initial post, my wife and fishing partner (Lacey) surprised me with one of Greg's nets for Christmas. I couldnt figure out why she was so excited and ready to take pictures of me opening this 18 x29 box that weighed next to nothing. I racked my brain trying to think of anything I had mentioned that I wanted, but I came up blank. When I opened the box and pulled away the center piece of styrofoam I saw the handle and just the starting curve of the bow. At that point it dawned on me that she had paid attention to all those times I called her to the computer to show her Greg's website and ogle over all the photos of his beautiful works. I kept telling her someday.. yet I was still amazed that she had really bought me one.
 When I pulled away the rest of the styrofoam all I could do for several seconds was look at the net in all its glory. I then carefully pulled it out and held it up to show the crowd that was all in the know of the whole story and equally excited to see it. At this point I felt like Lou Gehrig standing there in front of home plate at Yankee Stadium, .. today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth. A totally different situation of course, but the proper words none the less.
My net is called Bloodwood Dunes and is made of Curly Spanish Cedar, Bloodwood, Birds Eye Maple, Mahogany and Wenge. Its simply beautiful. And another amazing feature is that the handle smells like a fine humidor! Thanks Greg for your amazing talent and this net that is truly an heirloom!"  Gary ~ Central California See the net Bloodwood Dunes


"Hello Greg. Man I was deployed to the Gila forest fire the week you sent my net. I was itching to see it. I just got home three days ago and I was extatic with finished result. I love it man. That net is everything and more I expected and hoped for. I have been fishing every day since I have been back. Took it to the San Juan and caught some nice bows and a couple of browns. I will take my camera on my next trip. Thanks again greg." Matthew ~ New Mexico   See the Net "The Fireman"


"Greg,  just received the Euc and what a beauty it is. The cherry and wenge hoop and the Euc and mahogany really blend together really well. The picture you sent were impressive but they did not prepare me for how fantastic the net really is. The Euc figure and burl really set the net off. My brother may need to pry this out of my hands. Great job on the net. Words cannot describe how pleased I am with the net.  Truly a one of a kind."  Best regards."  Ralph ~ Colorado  See the Net "Euc Burl"


     "Greg!   So sorry for the email absence.  The  I got the net but then shortly afterwards decided to go on a multi week            medical mission trip to the Philippines.  We were on a remote island providing care to a community there as part of a non profit that my brother runs.  it was an amazing trip but I was there for several weeks and there was no trout fishing to be done.....so.......I decided to wait for Father's day to open my net box......which was this past Sunday.
I opened the box and am amazed by the Net.  It is perfect.  Everything turned out great and in person you can really appreciate the detail and craftsmanship that went into it.  
The rod of Asclepius is outstanding....perfect color and detail.  The AZ is subtle but very nice addition.  I am also super happy with the size. It truly is big enough for big fish but small enough to carry anywhere anytime.  Thanks again.  I will try to get a photo of it in action.  I will refer some other clients to you whenever possible as I meet people on the streams and rivers.  Take care and THANKS." -dmc ~ Illinois



All Sierra Nets are PROUDLY made in the USA!

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