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Jan 29, 2014

*******BLOG******* Sierra Nets Adds Custom Turned Reel Seats!

Category:Shop News With Nets in the Making 
Posted by: Greg

Sierra Nets now makes custom matching reel seats to your specs.  Please inquire when placing your net order.  We can make stabilized reel seats from dozens of amazing woods or burls.


This is a Black Oak Burl with Stunning Kingman Turquoise & copper inlaid into its inclusions.  Each piece of Turquoise was individually inset with a pair of tweezers!

I even created a custom butt with Kingman Turquoise inlay.

This Carolina Cherry Burl seat has Kingman Turquoise & copper inlaid into its inclusions.


These Carolina Cherry Burl seats, a rare and beautiful urban burl, has copper inlays in its bark inclusions.

This was created for a conventional rod.


Here is a Stabilized Maple Burl seat with the inclusions left in as requested by the rod builder.


This is a Eucalyptus burl seat with a touch of sapwood to give it character. It has really nice tight burl eyes. I love this one! 




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