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Leather Magnetic Net Release

This is a fitting magnetic net release to compliment your new custom Sierra Net. It is made of durable yet plush leather. The magnet is affixed with a solid copper rivet and the Chicago bolt which attaches the release to your net frame is solid brass. The Vest side can be made of any wood species and is attached using a stainless steel carabiner. Each custom leather magnetic net release costs $85.00.

Magnetic net releases, are extremely helpful.  They offer that extra hand while wade fishing.  Attach one S-Clip to your D-ring between your shoulder blades on your wading vest/pack, and the other to your net. The net sits at the ready until you are ready to use it.  A quick snap of the net to release it, and you are ready to net your fish.  The rare earth magnets Sierra Nets use are powerful enough to snap back together with ease.

Our Leather Magnetic Net Releases are beautifully crafted from Latigo Leather, brass & Copper hardware. They allow you to carry the net, handle down, which makes it even quicker and easier to grasp. The large rare earth magnets, by design, are stronger than any I have seen in the marketplace. They are meant to keep your net secured safely to your back even when boulder hopping or crashing through stream-side vegetation.  




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